25 avril 2011

Python MiniMVC

Going further with the concepts exposed in my last post I coded a basic Micro framework for Python running above mod_python for Apache.

MiniMVC is a Python micro MVC framework inspired by Symfony2 from the PHP world.

MiniMVC is lightweighted
MiniMVC uses dependency injection
MiniMVC is configured with YAML
MiniMVC is tested (partially)

MiniMVC features:

A configurable service container
A flexible and configurable request router based on pyroutes
Powerful logging mechanism based on logbook
Basic SQL Alchemy binding
Cheetah and Mako templates, new templating engines can be added very easily


Don't render the content files through the kernel
Write more tests
Reorganize imports
Configure SQLAlchemy with the ServiceContainer
Generate table classes
Generate entities
Read XML configuration in addition to yaml
More templating engines

You can find the code on github.

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